DP Full Form and Meaning in Hindi | Whatsapp 200 Short Words for Chat

Whatsapp DP in Hindi, Ya DP Full Form ye sabal aapke mann me jarur aaye hoge agar aapne kahi DP sabd kisi ko khete hue suna hoga ya kahi likhte hue dekha hoga.. ki akhhir DP Meaning hota kya hai.

Agar aap Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram jesi koi bhi Social App ya sites use karte hai to aapke samne bhut se Short Words aaye hoge jese DP, LOL, GM, GN, ROLF… or In Words ka kya Full Form hai or kya matlab hai wo me aapko abhi batane wala hu.

Whatsapp DP Full Form and Meaning in Hindi

DP Full Form in Hindi | DP Meaning

DP : Display Picture jisko Profile Picture bhi khete hai.

Aapne dekha hoga jitne bhi Social account hote hai ham usme apna Photo set karke rakhte hai, FB, Whatsapp, Insta sabhi jagha.. taki log usko dekh kar hame phechan sake.. Uss Display Picture ko hi DP khete hai.

DP Sabd Display Picture ka hi Short Form hai, jo ki logo ne hi apni sabuliyat ke liye banaya hai.. Q ki jab bhi ham chat karte hai to agar kisi ko khena ho ki “Aapki Display Picture (Profile Picture) achi hai”.. to itna lamba message Type karne se acha ham khe sakte hai “aapki DP achi hai”..

Iss trha Short form ka use start hua taki kam sabd likh kar apni baat kahi ja sake.

To ab aap sabaj gaye hoge ki DP ka Full Form or Iska matlab kya hai.

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Chaliye ab kuch or short Words or unke Ful Form bhi jaan lete hai jo Chat karte time use kiye jate hai, taki kam sabd me apni baat sajai ja sake or Time bachaya ja sake.

List Of All Short Words with Full Form/Meaning for Whatsapp, FB Chat

Niche me pure Short Words ki list share kar raha hu, jo Chat karte time use hote hai.. kis word ka kya matlab hai or kya uska Full Form hai wo aapko unke samne mil jayega.

Short Form/Word Full Form/Meaning
ATM At the moment
IMO In my opinion
JIC Just in case
WTH What the h*ll
A3 Anywhere, anytime, any place
BC Be cool
BM Bite me
B4 Before
Bc or B/C Because
BB Bye Bye
BD Big deal
BF Boyfriend, or best friend
BG Big grin
B/W Between
CU See you
DM Direct message
KMP Keep me posted
DL Dead link
EM Email
FB Facebook
GF Girlfriend
GG Good game
GM Good morning
GN Goodnight
CYL Call you later
HF Have fun
HU Hug you
IC I see
IS I’m sorry
IM Instant message
JJ Just joking
JK Just kidding
KK Okay cool
KU Kiss you
L8 Late
LU Love you
LI LinkedIn
MT Modified tweet
M/F Male/Female
M8 Mate
MU Miss you
NP No problem
OH Overheard
O3 Out of office
OT Off topic
OP Original poster
PM Private message
R8 Right
RT Retweet
RL Real life
SD Sweet dreams
SS So sorry
SU Shut up
TY Thank you
TC Take care
ASAP As soon as possible
AKA Also known as
BTW By the way
BOT Back on topic
CTS Changing the subject
DIY Do it yourself
F2F Face to face
FYEO For your eyes only
G2B Going to bed
GTG Got to go
IDC I don’t care
L8R Later
LMK Let me know
S2R Send to receive
TMI Too much information
WTF What the f*ck
SMH Shaking my head
ASL Age/Sex/Location
Here to help (can also be used as happy to help)
IRL In real life
ITT In this thread
LDR Long distance relationship
NVM Nevermind
Pic Picture
PPL People
PLZ Please
TTYL Talk to you later
W8 Wait
YW You’re welcome
AFK Away from keyboard
BMT Before my time
HBU How about you
LMS Like my status
Parents on shoulder/Someone on shoulder
BRB Be right back
FYI For your information
GR8 Great
LOL Laughing out loud
LMAO Laughing my a*s off
MSG Message
IDK I do not know
NSFW Not safe for work
AFC Away from computer
CYS Check your settings
FWD Forward
DND Do not disturb
HAND Have a nice day
JAM Just a minute
LMA Leave me alone
OMG Oh my god
TXT Text
OMW On my way
TTYS Talk to you soon
AAB Average at best
ADL All day long
AEAP As early as possible
BBIAB Be back in a bit
CYA See you again
FWIW For what it’s worth
GIYF Google is your friend
ICYDK In case you didn’t know
ILY I love you
IYDMMA If you don’t mind me asking
LTNS Long time no see
MYOB Mind your own business
STR8 Straight
WB Welcome back
WDUWTA What do you want to talk about
1NAM One in a million
BFF Best friend forever
BEG Big evil grin
CYO See you online
DQMOT Don’t quote me on this
HMU Hit me up
WRU Who are you
BBL Be back later
EOS End of story
GAL Get a life
LMHO Laughing my head off
Q4U Question for you
5N Fine
KYP Keep you posted
ORLY Oh really
YT Youtube
AAK Alive and kicking
ANY1 Anyone
BFN Bye for now
Dunno Do not know
FTL For the loss
GFY Good for you
GTH Go to h*ll
ICQ I seek you
JOOC Just out of curiosity
NE1 Anyone
NOYB None of your business
SRY Sorry
SWW Sorry wrong window
SUP What’s up
TG That’s great
TIA Thanks in advance
YCM You copied me
2MORO Tomorrow
ASIC As soon as I can
BAU Business as usual
DIKU Do I know you
GNASD Goodnight and sweet dreams
PMSL P*ssing myself laughing
YSIC Why should I care
AAMOF As a matter of fact
CUL See you later
FAQ Frequently asked questions
LAM Leave a message
TCO Taken care of
TYT Take your time
Fab Fabulous
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing
THX Thanks
AAR At any rate
AEAE And ever and ever
BBS Be back soon
EOM End of message
GBTW Get back to work
Gonna/Gunna Going to
IDGI I don’t get it
NWS Not work safe
RIP Rest in peace
Sec Second
Tho Though
WD Well done
YSVW You are so very welcome
2N8 Tonight
BMS Blew my sh*t
EMFBI Excuse me for butting in
404 No clue
RSVP Response requested
LLAH Laughing like a hyena
IIRC If I recall correctly
FTW For the win
Cuz/Coz/Cause Because
AFAIC As far as I’m concerned
BA3 Battery
LNG Long
CFY Calling for you
W8AM Wait a minute
IACL I am currently laughing
HMH Hindi Me Help

Ab aap jaan chuke hai Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram par use hone wale short words ke ware me..

To der kis baat ki jaiye or kariye apne Friends or Family se chat in short form ke sath..

or agar aap chate hai jinko aap ye short form likh kar send kare wo bhi sabhi sabd ka matlab tikh se samje uske liye aap ye post ka link unko send jarur kare..

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